BUNKERBALL is played on a triangular field with home
   plate and 2 bases. There is no pitcher or catcher, the batter pitches to himself. Baselines are 30 Ft. There are 2 basemen and 3 fielders  The batter is out if a fly-ball lands beyond the foul line. ( X )
IMPORTANT! The batter must use both ends of the PADDLEBAT when batting.The batter hits the ball upward using the lower, paddle end of the PADDLEBAT, bats it away using the upper end and then attempts to run the bases.
The 3 fielders cannot touch the ball but must field it using PADDLEBATS which they carry. The 2 basemen can catch or pick up the ball and get it to a base for a put-out.
The fielders can hit the ball to a baseman for a put-out.
The basemen do not carry PADDLEBATS
Put-outs are made by getting the ball into the base ahead of the runner.The bases are made from the sides of tires.
                     copyright  Jack G. McAllister

The photos show how to play the team version of bunkerball