To help get the word out about this exciting new game.

To talk to your schools and park and rec officials about having fields for playing the team version of the sport. These fields take up much less space than softball fields and don't require a back-stop fence. Walls to practice against are also needed as told in the photos.

                WE NEED YOU:
         To help us find a community and sponsors willing
          to organize a tournament There would be awards
          for single person play against a wall, including
          fancy stunts. Another award would be for 2 persons
          playing back and forth over a net. For team play of
          BUNKERBALL (R) there would be a tournament
          for teams that had won in other regions


Copyright Jack G. McAllister

No wall to practice against
After players become more proficient
at playing the version of BUNKERBALL
shown on these pages, an advanced version will be introduced.
In the advanced version, the fielders will
be able to earn points for their team by
using both ends of the paddlebat as they
hit the ball into the base for a put-out.
Practice this move by playing against
a wall as shown below.
This park does not have a wall where people could practice tennis or practice
BUNKERBALL. A simple wall of concrete blocks could be made and players could use both sides
If you are interested in taking over Bunkerball including manufacture and sales, Please respond to the email address above.