SEE TEAM PLAY page   The game can also be played in a gym

I would like to find a person that will carry on the BUNKERBALL project. If interested write to the email address

 The absolute best picnic game for families, churches, and parks. Play like Softball only that the fielders use paddle bats to get fly or ground  balls into the ring shaped bases for a put-out

copyright jack g mcallister
Hey all you towns   Jack McAllister
 the inventor of BUNKERBALL
Is going to give some town the chance to get national recognition by being the home of

Better than softball, Easier to play 
 Kids that don' have the ability for other sports can play Bunkerball 
Save your town money and space. A softball field is 30,000 sq ft 
 a Bunkerball field is 6,000 sq ft and no backstop is required
Practice against a wall or
        play over a net